Friday: Game 1

 Hey guys,

We've been having a series of miscommunications, so regardless of you've made our last practices or not, our game on Friday is open to you.  Here is the quick info:

Member call time: 5:30, band room

Uniform: jeans + Eagle Regiment shirt (this will be provided)

Tickets for family: must be pre-purchased from me.  Email me at bryce.miller@kenton.kyschools.us to arrange a time to meet me at Scott.  Limit of 2 tickets per member, $6 each.

Make sure to follow us @scotteagleband

*We will be making an Eagle Regiment Google Classroom soon!

Tickets/Participation for Games

Greetings Eagle Regiment!

With all of the COVID related regulations going around, we've been expecting to have some restrictions on how our games will be handled from a participant/spectator perspective.  Here is how it is being handled:

Our band is allowed to have 30 members present.  These members will not need tickets.  We are not allowed to have over 30 members at a game.

Each one of those 30 present will have an opportunity to purchase 2 tickets a couple of days prior to the game.  These tickets will be $6 a piece.  These are all of the tickets that we are allotted.  Each ticket will come with a COVID screener attached that the person that uses the ticket must turn in as they enter the stadium.  Mr. Miller will be taking money for tickets at our 9/15 Tuesday Rehearsal.  Tickets must be prepaid.  Once I have you have paid for your tickets, Mr. Fisk will release those tickets to us the day of the game.  If a ticket is lost, it cannot be replaced.  Unsold tickets from our allotment will go back to our athletic director the day of the game.

We will be in pep band mode only, seated, and on the track area...spaced 6' or more apart.  Uniform will be our Eagle Regiment shirt (provided to you day of the game) and jeans.

Updated Eagle Regiment Schedule

9/8: No practice

9/9 Rehearsal in the gym, 7pm-9pm

*Seniors arrive at 6 for pictures. Seniors should have a received an email from Mr. M.

9/14 Rehearsal in the gym, 7pm-9pm

9/15 Rehearsal in the gym, 7pm-9pm

9/18 First Game/Senior Night

Band Camp 2020: 7/20 Update

Greetings all!

I am submitting a plan for our band camp to occur.  Our camp will be adapted to fit all guidelines and expectations, as they are current of this writing.  To that end, our camp schedule will be the following:

Week 1
Monday, July 27th: Music/Guard Sectionals 8am-10am
Wednesday, July 29th: Music/Guard Sectionals 8am-10am
Friday, July 31st: Music/Guard Sectionals 8am-10am

Week 2
Monday, August 3rd: Music/Guard Sectionals 8am-10am
Wednesday, August 5th: Music/Guard Sectionals 8am-10am
Friday, August 7th: Music/Guard Sectionals 8am-10am

I will be providing much more detail as the plan is approved.  Essential information I can provide at this time are the following:

*Temperature checks are required to enter rehearsal.
*Members must wear masks.  Masks must stay on until permission is given to take them off.
*Members will arrive and report to sectional areas immediately.  Upon dismissal, members must leave immediately.   I will publish a staggered arrival/departure schedule.
*Sectional Groups are not allowed to mix (socially or as a full ensemble).
*We will not currently be practicing marching/staging at this time.  We will attempt to stage the music later in the season, dependent on the current state of regulations/recommendations.
*Attendance is not mandatory
*Participation packet can be found here.  The athletic fee does not apply.  Our band camp fee will be heavily adjusted and published soon.  It will be the exact amount to cover immediate camp expenses only.
*The show "Pale Blue Dot" will be reserved for 2021.  We will be performing portions of the show "Together as One".  Music can be found here.  Recording can be found here.

UPDATED: Find our Band Camp Document here. 

2020 Eagle Regiment

Join our 2020 Eagle Regiment by clicking here and join us as we present:

arr. K. Dye
(percussion not yet arranged)

arr. J. Bocook
(percussion not yet arranged)

arr. B. Miller