Chili Booth Post

As you guys know, Nick and myself "helped" Mrs. Miller by making the chili slips.  What does this mean?  You probably already know...we missed some things.  Mrs. M tweeted the sizes of ingredients, but to make sure to cover the whole omission that we made, we're posting here as well:

First, make sure to include 1 lb ground beef (even though we forgot to list that)

On the ingredients, depending on what you have been asked to bring, we need them in the following:

Onions- 3 lb. bag

Tomato Sauce- 6 lbs. 6 oz (4x29 oz cans)*

Tomato Juice- 64 oz

Diced Tomatoes- 6 lbs. 6 oz (4x28 oz cans)*

Rotel- 28 oz (3 cans)*

Chili Beans- 40 oz

Chili Powder- Large container

All other spices- Regular container

*If you're shopping at Kroger, the cans in parentheses are readily available in Kroger brand

August/September Calendars

Volunteer Today!

Our volunteer sign-up form is available online!  Our organization only works because of the work of our volunteer corps.  If you sign up for 2 minor opportunities and 1 major opportunity, you can deduct $25 from your camp fees!

As of right now, we are not allowing these discounts to stack multiple times per family.  If response is low, however, we will open that ability up in the near future.

Sign up to help Eagle Regiment be the absolute best it can by clicking here!


Good morning all!

We now have an updated timeframe for the opening of the new state of the art wing (which includes all of our new suite).  The unfortunate and very realistic news is that it is going to be a couple of weeks.  Our current room is completely disassembled and packed up.  Here’s what this means for us: we will only be having Band Camp II this year.  We have done this before and will be more than fine to do it again.  To be clear on what this means:

Band Camp I (July 29-Aug 2) will NOT be happening.
we will instead have 2 brief meetings on Tuesday, July 30 that you must attend 1 of.  The first meeting will be at 12 pm, the second at 4 pm (these will have us handing out final music copies, getting the seasonal practice schedule out,  and getting personnel numbers for drill writing).  These meetings are at these times as you most likely would have been dropping off/picking up your student from the originally scheduled camp anyways. 

Band Camp II (Aug 5-9) will BE OCCURRING AS SCHEDULED.

We will, as usual, have practice dates before school begins and will post those as soon as facilities are approved.

While this is less than our perfect scenario, take comfort in our construction/safety crews making everything perfect for us in the weeks to come.  If this changes your availability for camp (meaning, if you were put in pit due to missing week I), the good news is that it is no longer a factor preventing you from marching your instrument!  If this applies to you, I will be contacting you to discuss your updated status within the group.

Please feel free to email me with any questions!

Best wishes,
Bryce L. Miller
Director, Vocal and Instrumental Music
Scott High School

Band Camp 2019 Email Blast

This information was just emailed to any and all signed up for 2019 Eagle Regiment.  If you have not yet signed up, first...please do to ensure a spot in the drill, second: check out the contents of this message!  If you haven't heard, we are planning to allow Scott Alumni participate in our program if their college schedule does not allow them to be in marching band.  If you are such a person, please sign up as well.  More news on that in the coming days!

Good afternoon all!

You’re receiving this email as you have signed up to be a part of the 2019-2020 Eagle Regiment (known previously as Scott Marching Band)!  The music is written and story-boarding is complete….we are about to move onto prop construction and drill design!  If you don’t know, our show this year is titled “and the Beast” and tells the story of Beast right up until he meets Beauty.  It mixes music from Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Adele, Game of Throne’s Winds of Winter, and Fisher/Keilhauer’s Happily Ever After.  You can listen to the raw Finale audio at this link (but beware, it lacks dynamics and articulations) click here.

This is the year of a new us: a new music suite, new uniforms, new membership, and a new name.  We’re looking to break our past molds this year and look forward to having you be a part of that!
I hope to get any information that you have have missed from our website/Twitter/etc over this Summer and make sure that you are prepared for our 2019 Band Camp…which is fast upon us!  Here is the crucial information/links at a glance:

1. Schedule
If you haven’t seen/heard or have forgotten, our band camp schedule is the following:

July 29-August 2: Band Camp 
  • All 12-4  Fundamentals/Team Building in the field house
  • Percussion and Color Guard 5-9 Band Room/Choir Room/Gym
Please attend one of the following meetings:

Band Camp Meeting 1

  • 12-12:30
Band Camp Meeting 2
  • 4-4:30
August 5-9: Band Camp 
  • All 12-10 
  • 12-3: sectionals in various locations
  • 3-4 full ensemble in the band room, guard in gym
  • 4-5 dinner [pack your own]
  • 5-10 Visual Rehearsal on Practice Lot/Field

2. Fees
If you haven’t yet downloaded our handbook, don’t worry…it is attached later in this email.  It announces the $250 fee for Band Camp and discusses what it covers.
  • Due first day of Band Camp 
3. The Handbook
The Eagle Regiment Handbook is available Digital this year.  It contains the following and is attached to this email:
  • Member Expectations
  • Member Requirements
  • Attendance Policy
  • Lettering Policy
  • Fee Structure
  • Membership Contract*
  • Volunteer Form*
  • Participation Packet*
  • *denotes form that must be filled out and turned in on Day 1 of Band Camp to participate

4. Musts
Make sure you have the following items on Day 1 of Band Camp to participate:

  • Shoes (sandals/Crocs/etc are unsafe to march in)
  • Cool clothing that you can move in (we do body work in addition to marching)
  • Personal Water Jug 
  • Completed Participation Packet (includes a physical)
  • Camp Fee
5. Communication
Be sure to visit our website, view our Google Calendar, and follow our Twitter in order to have the most access to up to date information!

We hope this year will be one of our brightest and best and, with your help, it can be.  Please email me with any questions and make sure to visit our website and Twitter!

Best wishes,
Bryce L. Miller
Director, Vocal and Instrumental Music
Scott High School
Eagle Regiment Uniform
"Out of Darkness" Guard Costume
*changes from dark to light as our story moves the Beast forward
New Storage Room
 New Band Room Front
 New Wenger Acoustic Lockers
1 of our 4 New Isolated Practice Rooms
(each equipped with a Mac/Garage Band/Finale Notepad/Smartmusic)
Our Music Library
Some of our AMAZING volunteers working Cincinnati Reds this Summer
(absolutely incredible people!)