It's time for Red's Baseball, ya'll!

Hey all!

Our Reds season is about to start!  If you don't know what that means, here is a summary of what goes on and why:

We volunteer ourselves to work Cincinnati Reds games via concession stands.  Each game we commit to work a stand at has our band netting roughly $500-$1100.  This guaranteed amount is based on the number of workers we provide.  Simply put, the more people we volunteer, the more we make...guaranteed, regardless of how the stand does.

To work Reds with us, one has to fill out the Google Form found here.  This link supplies all of the info that you need to select from (choose your training, you games, etc) while giving us information that we need about you (shirt size, contact, etc).  In all honesty, it's hard work...but its a good time that also makes our program roughly 10k-13k annually.  For added incentive, if you do at least 4 games, your child's band camp fee will be reduced for the 2019 season!

We are working towards having the 3rd payment on our new uniforms complete and then looking onward to future needs such as an equipment trailer, battery percussion replacement, low brass replacement, etc.

You must be 16 by the time of your training date (check the Google Form above for a list of trainings).  We are asking for as many students and parents as are able to sign up to help us towards a successful 2019 season before it even begins.  Please follow the above link and sign up today!

2019 Scott Marching Band Program Announcement

We all have moments of being at our worst.  It's in moments such as these that the only way we can go...is up.  We're so unlucky that it's also in those moments that up is its farthest away.

It's also, however, in these same moments that the inertia of change begins: the long trek forwards from a place we're both at once hesitant and all-to-happy to be gone from.  The more space between ourselves and that terrible point of origin, the more that the reward for this arduous journey begins to materialize:


We all have this in us, no matter how dark our worst place may be.  It's when we're in these moments of our lives that our potential is the hardest to see...but it is always there.

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.”

Our 2019 program will follow one of the most well-told stories of rising up into the potential of our ever-changing selves, of leaving our old selves behind us in order to become something better...that which we could potentially be.

This story will begin well before the two met, and end right at the moment of inertia; right as she knocks on his door to find her father.  

Why end our story there? 

Simply put, because you know the rest, of course. 

You know about her, and about him, and about their journey.  Our show isn't about their journey...

...just his.

The 2019 Scott Marching Band presents:

First look at Scott Music's new facilities!

^ Band Room Entrance
 ^Music Library
 ^Choir Room
 ^Band Room
 ^Percussion Closet
 ^Band Room Side Exit
 ^Music Office
 ^Music Office Exterior
 ^Band Room Practice Rooms (2/4 built)
 ^Music Office
^Band Heavy Storage

Ride by Samuel Hazo

2019 Xavier Honor Band and Choir

Xavier Honors Weekend is almost upon us!  

If you were selected to participate, please make sure to visit Xavier HBC 2019 to take care of your end of things prior to next Friday.  Additionally, make sure to pick up an EHO from Mr. Miller -or- from this folder.  Have this document to Mr. Miller no later than Monday, January 14th.  This should be quick and easy as no teacher signatures are required for this opportunity.  

Everyone should have music access now.  Band was made available digitally, choir physically.  If you made Xavier Honor Choir, they have asked that you view this video.  It provides guidance on the Latin piece, Dixit Maria.  To both band and choir attendees, do not go unprepared.  Spend time with the pieces and have question/observations you may have marked BEFOREHAND.

All of that said, this is always a fantastic opportunity, so get excited (and prepared)!