It's time for Red's Baseball, ya'll!

Hey all!

Our Reds season is about to start!  If you don't know what that means, here is a summary of what goes on and why:

We volunteer ourselves to work Cincinnati Reds games via concession stands.  Each game we commit to work a stand at has our band netting roughly $500-$1100.  This guaranteed amount is based on the number of workers we provide.  Simply put, the more people we volunteer, the more we make...guaranteed, regardless of how the stand does.

To work Reds with us, one has to fill out the Google Form found here.  This link supplies all of the info that you need to select from (choose your training, your games, etc) while giving us information that we need about you (shirt size, contact, etc).  In all honesty, it's hard work...but its a good time that also makes our program roughly 10k-13k annually.  For added incentive, if you do at least 4 games, your child's band camp fee will be reduced for the 2019 season!

We are working towards having the 3rd payment on our new uniforms complete and then looking onward to future needs such as an equipment trailer, battery percussion replacement, low brass replacement, etc.

You must be 16 by the time of your training date (check the Google Form above for a list of trainings).  We are asking for as many students and parents as are able to sign up to help us towards a successful 2019 season before it even begins.  Please follow the above link and sign up today!