Good morning all!

We now have an updated timeframe for the opening of the new state of the art wing (which includes all of our new suite).  The unfortunate and very realistic news is that it is going to be a couple of weeks.  Our current room is completely disassembled and packed up.  Here’s what this means for us: we will only be having Band Camp II this year.  We have done this before and will be more than fine to do it again.  To be clear on what this means:

Band Camp I (July 29-Aug 2) will NOT be happening.
we will instead have 2 brief meetings on Tuesday, July 30 that you must attend 1 of.  The first meeting will be at 12 pm, the second at 4 pm (these will have us handing out final music copies, getting the seasonal practice schedule out,  and getting personnel numbers for drill writing).  These meetings are at these times as you most likely would have been dropping off/picking up your student from the originally scheduled camp anyways. 

Band Camp II (Aug 5-9) will BE OCCURRING AS SCHEDULED.

We will, as usual, have practice dates before school begins and will post those as soon as facilities are approved.

While this is less than our perfect scenario, take comfort in our construction/safety crews making everything perfect for us in the weeks to come.  If this changes your availability for camp (meaning, if you were put in pit due to missing week I), the good news is that it is no longer a factor preventing you from marching your instrument!  If this applies to you, I will be contacting you to discuss your updated status within the group.

Please feel free to email me with any questions!

Best wishes,
Bryce L. Miller
Director, Vocal and Instrumental Music
Scott High School