Chili Booth Post

As you guys know, Nick and myself "helped" Mrs. Miller by making the chili slips.  What does this mean?  You probably already know...we missed some things.  Mrs. M tweeted the sizes of ingredients, but to make sure to cover the whole omission that we made, we're posting here as well:

First, make sure to include 1 lb ground beef (even though we forgot to list that)

On the ingredients, depending on what you have been asked to bring, we need them in the following:

Onions- 3 lb. bag

Tomato Sauce- 6 lbs. 6 oz (4x29 oz cans)*

Tomato Juice- 64 oz

Diced Tomatoes- 6 lbs. 6 oz (4x28 oz cans)*

Rotel- 28 oz (3 cans)*

Chili Beans- 40 oz

Chili Powder- Large container

All other spices- Regular container

*If you're shopping at Kroger, the cans in parentheses are readily available in Kroger brand