Honor Bands Season

Honor Band Season is upon us!  We treat honor bands as our addressing of our part of being ready for college...as musicians.  This schedule is made in order to maximize your ability to get in with many of the prominent music faculties/facilities in the state while learning from some of the best guest conductors available.  These are fantastic opportunities to play alongside the state's most talented musicians while being conducted by some of the nation's premiere conductors!  Opportunities like these look great on scholarships and point solidly at leadership.  Some sign up details will be added to this post in the coming days, as they are made available by the respective university.  EHO's to get you excused from school for these events can be printed out here eventually (uploading updated EHO form).

***This post is currently missing a lot of information as it has not yet been published***

KMEA All-State
Live Audition, 2 Rounds
See Mr. Miller for audition music
Sign-Up Deadline: October 8
Sign-Up Here!

Xavier Honor Band
Nomination Ensemble
Occurs TBA
Sign-Up Deadline: TBA

Western Kentucky University Honor Band
Nomination Ensemble + Freshman/Sophomore Ensemble
chair auditions occur after nomination
Occurs January 23-25
Sign-Up Deadline: TBA, typically mid-November
Sign-Up Here!
More info

Eastern Kentucky University Honor Band
Nomination Ensemble
Occurs November 24-26
Sign-Up Deadline: November 6

University of Louisville Honor Band
Nomination Ensemble
Occurs January 24-25
Sign-Up Deadline: October 30
Sign-Up Here!
More Info

Morehead State University Honor Band
Audio Submission Ensemble
Occurs February 13-15
Details: TBA

University of Kentucky Honors Wind Ensemble
Video Submission Ensemble
Occurs TBA
Sign-Up Deadline: TBA
Grades 9-10, Nomination Ensemble: TBA
Grades 11-12, Audio Recording Submission: TBA

Murray State University Quad State Honor Band
Nomination + Audition Ensembles
Occurs TBA
Sign-Up Deadline: TBA

University of Kentucky Brassfest